Can an IPL Photofacial Fade Away My Freckles?

April 18, 2023

Can an IPL Photofacial Fade Away My Freckles?

April 18, 2023

Are you frustrated with the appearance of your skin because of its uneven tone or the appearance of darker areas or spots, which is known as hyperpigmentation? Are you tired of constantly covering up skin imperfections with makeup and looking for a more permanent solution? Learn more about IPL photofacials and how they can make your skin look better.

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What Are Freckles?

Small patches of excess pigmentation on the skin called freckles are formed of melanin, the hormone that controls the color of your skin. Flat, tan or light brown freckles can appear as a single spot or, more frequently, as a group. Freckles are most frequently found on the face, although they can also be seen on the arms, back, shoulders, and chest. They are photosensitive and typically start to dwindle in the winter. Children frequently develop freckles, and you can keep developing more until you’re in your 20s. The most likely candidates for them are those with pale complexion or red hair.

What Causes Freckles?

Increased melanin production, the pigment that gives our skin, hair, and eyes color, is what leads to freckles. Melanin absorbs UV light and transforms it into heat to shield the skin from its damaging effects.

The sun’s UV rays cause the skin to produce melanin when they come into contact with the skin. Freckles are created when this extra melanin collects in tiny clusters. Due to their skin’s increased sensitivity to UV radiation, individuals with fair complexion, red or blonde hair, and blue or green eyes are more likely to develop freckles.

Freckles may run in families if they are inherited, which is another possibility. Freckles can also be brought on by certain medical disorders and drugs, but these instances are less frequent. Overall, freckles are a harmless natural reaction of the skin to UV exposure. 

Can an IPL Photofacial Fade Away my Freckles

Can IPL Photofacial Help Fade Away Freckles?

The best method for treating freckles is IPL. Darker skin pigmentation absorbs light energy more effectively, breaking down the extra melanin that is the foundation of each freckle. Adjacent skin regions that don’t have too much melanin are unharmed. IPL can more easily fix a pigmentation imbalance the more stark the contrast between skin and freckle color. Although it may be less effective on patients with very dark skin or who have deep tans, it is nevertheless beneficial when administered to those with darker complexions. A cooling gel or light anesthetic is administered to the skin prior to IPL therapy to ease discomfort. IPL sessions last about 30 minutes each.

Before the full effects of the IPL are seen, you might need three to five sessions. The number of sessions required will depend on the size of the treatment area and whether you only want to lighten or completely get rid of your freckles. After three to six weeks have passed, several treatments are routinely administered at intervals of three to six days.

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